Haitian Embassies and Consulates

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28 Haitian Embassies and Consulates

Haitian Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Embassy of Haiti in Argentina
Av. Figueroa Alcorta, 3297-1425

City Buenos Aires
Phone 541-807-0211 or 541-802-5979
Fax 541-802-3984
Haitian Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas

Embassy of Haiti in Bahamas
P.O. Box N 666, Sears Building, East Shirley Street

City Nassau
Phone 242-326-0325
Fax 242-322-7712
Haitian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium

Embassy of Haiti in Belgium
Ave. Louise 160-A, 1050

City Brussels
Phone 322-649-7381 or 322-644-3753
Fax 322-640-6080
Haitian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

Embassy of Haiti in Brazil
Shisl QI 17, Conj. 04, Casa 19, 70465-900 LAGO SUL, C.P. 08618/71600

City Brasilia
Phone 061-248-6860 or 061-248-6437
Fax 061-248-7472
Haitian Embassy in Santiago, Chile

Embassy of Haiti in Chile
Zurich 255, Dept. 21

City Santiago
Phone (56) 2 231-3364
Fax (56) 2 231-1776
Details Head of Mission: Mr. Jean-Victor Harvel JEAN BAPTISTE Replies of Consular Affairs: Mr. Garry MERVEILLE
Haitian Embassy in Bogota, Colombia

Embassy of Haiti in Colombia
Calle 106, No. 23-57, Sante Fe

City Bogota
Phone 571-214-2927
Fax 571-620-4230
Haitian Embassy in Havana, Cuba

Embassy of Haiti in Cuba
# 4402, Avenida 7ma esquina 44, Miramar, Playa, Miramar, Ciudad de La Havana, Cuba

City Havana
Phone (537) 204-5421 / 204-5422
Fax (537) 204-5423
Dominican Republic
Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Embassy of Haiti in Dominican Republic
33 Av. Juan Sanchez Ramirez

City Santo Domingo
Phone 809-686-5778 or 809-687-0316 or 809-301-1370
Fax 809-686-6096
Dominican Republic
Haitian Consulate in Baharona, Dominican Republic

Consulate of Haiti in Baharona, Dominican Republic
Consulate of Haiti in Baharona, Dominican Republic

City Baharona
Phone 809-524-4598 / 1-200-4598
Fax 809-524-4598
Haitian Embassy in Paris, France

Embassy of Haiti in France
Rue Théodule Ribot 10, 75827 Paris, France B.P., 275, Cédex 28

City Paris
Phone 47 63 47 78
Fax 42 27 02 05
Haitian Consulate in Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe

Consulate of Haiti in Guadeloupe
78 Rue Vatable 97110 Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe, W.I

City Pointe à Pitre
Phone 590-893-580
Fax 590-893-555
Haitian Consulate in Cayenne, Guyana

Consulate of Haiti in Cayenne, French Guyana
12 Avenue Léopold Helder 97300 Cayenne, French Guyana

City Cayenne
Phone 594-311-858
Fax 594-312-065
Haitian Embassy in Rome, Italy

Embassy of Haiti in Italy
Via di Villa Patrizi, 7 & 7A, 00161 Rome, Italy

City Rome
Phone 39 06 44 25 41 06 or 39 06 44 25 41 07
Fax 39 06 44 25 42 08
Haitian Embassy in Jamaica, Jamaica

Embassy of Haiti in Jamaica
2 Monroe Rd., Kingston 6

City Jamaica
Phone 876-927-7595
Fax 876-978-7638
Details Accredited to Trinidad & Tobago, Saint Lucia, and Guyana.
Haitian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan

Embassy of Haiti in Tokyo, Japan
34 Kowa Bldg., No. 906, 4-12-24 Nishi Azabu, Post Code 106

City Tokyo
Phone 81-33-486-7096
Fax 81-33-486-7070
Haitian Embassy in Mexico, Mexico

Embassy of Haiti in Mexico
Cordoba 23A, Colonia Roma, C.P. 06700

City Mexico
Phone 525-511-4390 or 525-511-4505 or 525-511-4506
Fax 525-533-3896
Haitian Consulate in Curaçao, Netherlands

Consulate of Haiti in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
Grebbelinweg No. 18, Willemstad, Curaçao, N.A

City Curaçao
Phone 599-9-461-3434
Fax 599-9-465-8180
Haitian Embassy in Panama, Panama

Embassy of Haiti in Panama
Apartado F, Zona 9A, P.O. Box 442

City Panama
Phone 507-269-3443
Fax 507-223-1767
Haitian Embassy in Madrid, Spain

Embassy of Haiti in Spain
Marques del Duero, 3 1 izq., 28001

City Madrid
Phone 34-91-575-2624
Fax 34-91-431-4600
Haitian Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan

Embassy of Haiti in Taipei, Taiwan
246 Chung Chan N. Road, 3rd Fl., Sect 6

City Taipei
Phone 88-62-872-2734
Fax 88-62-831-7086
United States
Haitian Embassy in Washington DC, United States

Embassy of the Republic of Haiti
2311 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. , 20008

City Washington DC
Phone 202-332-4090
Fax 202-745-7215
Office Hours M-F: 9:00am - 4:00pm Consulate Section M-F: 9:00am - 1:00pm
United States
Haitian Consulate in Chicago, United States

Consulate General of Haiti in Chicago IL. United States of America
202 S.State St., Suite 302 Chicago IL 60604 U.S.A.

City Chicago
Phone 312-922-4004
Fax 312-922-7122
United States
Haitian Consulate in Miami, United States

Consulate General of Haiti in Miami FL. United States of America
259 S.W.13th St., Miami FL 33131 U.S.A.

City Miami
Phone 305-859-2003
Fax 305-854-7441
United States
Haitian Consulate in Boston, United States

Consulate of Haiti in Boston, MA. United States of America
545 Boylston St. Suite 201. Boston, MA 02116 U.S.A.

City Boston
Phone 617-266-3660
Fax 617-266-4060
Haitian Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela

Embassy of Haiti in Venezuela
Quinta Flor, 59 Av. Rosas-Urban, San Rafael de Florida

City Caracas
Phone 582-747-220
Fax 582-744-605