Italian Embassies and Consulates in Sri Lanka

1 Italian Embassies and Consulates in Sri Lanka

Italian Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Embassy of Italy in Sri Lanka
55, Jawatta Road, Colombo 5 - 00500, Sri Lanka

City Colombo
Phone 941 588 388
Fax 941 588 622
Office Hours Monday - Friday 08.30 - 12.30
Details The Consular Office of the Embassy ensures the protection of the rights and interests of Italian citizens, both permanent and temporary residents. Italian citizens can ask the Consular Office to deal with the following matters:
- compilation and transcription of birth/death/marriage certificates; - banns and celebration of marriages; - issuance or renewal of passports; - issuance of an emergency travel document for repatriation; - issuance of certificates of citizenship; - military service; - electoral services; - power of attorney and wills; - certification of signature, authentication and translation; - customs certification in case of repatriation; - pension and social security; - grants for Italian national resident in Sri Lanka, in case of need or indigence; - loan with promise of repayment (this is granted to a person who has to go back to Italy and is unable to have a private bank transfer in a short time); - repatriation of nationals in case of indigence; - repatriation of deceased nationals; - successions; - AIRE registration (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all'Estero); - assistance in specific emergency situations; - to give information regarding translations, legal matters, and medical treatment; - renewal of national driving license;

Personal declarations (substitutive of certificates) can be written on plain paper with no need to authenticate one's own signature. Applications can be sent by post as long as the photocopy of an identity document is enclosed with the application.